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Blender Jan 22, 2009 January 22, 2009

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Well my man is starting to take a better shape his head has some what of a face, eyes nose, ears, but still looks like the michalin guy. It’s far from perfect but it’s good for some one like myself, but like john kindly pointed out it is ugly


Blender Jan 20, 2009 January 20, 2009

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Well I think things are looking up for me and that 3D animation program, I made a super hero body that looks a lot like the tire guy. However it slightly represents a human body so I am not too disappointed. In the up coming classes I think things will come together nicely
good night

Blender journal three January 12, 2009

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well things aren’t looking too shabby but they aren’t doing to great either. I got everything smoothed out but There is still a lot of work to be done the face has eyes and a nose but not too much else. I have to add arms to the man and color in the spaces then maybe I will be done

Blender Diaries 1st Entry January 6, 2009

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Dear Blog,

Today, January 6th, 2009, I started on some Blender Tutorials things went decently smoothly, except for one small detail. While I was working on modeling a humane of sorts when I looked at the time and decided to started rapping things up. I hit save as on my headless human when exiting the save menu turned out to be closing the program without saving I was quite upset. So now next class I’ll be starting over once again.

Fair Well my fellow readers

First Macbeth Quote November 13, 2008

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“Fair is foul and foul is fair.” Act 1, scene 1
This quote talks about things not being as they appear and how you can’t tell people by their appearance

Just a test of Capability (work with me) November 6, 2008

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test4 Jing

How to upload a jing

1. Create a jing

2. Save as Swf

3. Open Adobe Flash

4. make the video the same size as the stage

5. export as a gif

6. In a new post select the add video button

7. click browse and select desired video

8. wait while the page reloads

9. When finished select desired settings

10. hit add to post and save the post



youtube video

Phone Book Podcast October 29, 2008

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how to create a podcast

1. Open Audacity

2. Save Podcast

3. Export as mp3

4. Get your teacher to copy mp3 document from your h drive to proxy server

5. Open a new post

6. Click the add audio function

7. insert the correct URL (example) http://cci.bpsd.mb.ca/podcasts/fullpodcast.mp3

8. add a title

9. once it has finished the upload

10. Hit save quickly

if you want add more stuff later when you edit the post


Eat my socks October 27, 2008

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Everyone knows the evil mind of the sock and it’s partner, If the washing machine knows about this I’m not sure. Every time that you don’t use a pare of socks for a while they start to plan and plan and plan, it’s always the same evil scheme.

“ok when the draw closes next time you jump out and hide behind the dresser or in that ugly sweater his aunt gave him”

“ya he’ll never put that thing on again”

“when he throws me into the trash, you slip back into the drawer”

And they think they’re hilarious but who’s laughing know I’m not the one in the trash.

you went skating with thieves?

Hello ? October 21, 2008

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Unless you’ve read my blog on blogger.com you wont of heard of me, or else your my friend or relative any way I’m a stranger to most people. As you’ll soon find out, I’m a geek some what. So the topic i want to bring up is um. I got it, nope doesn’t seem appropriate. I say we start at the start, The start is today the future is tomorrow and Today is almost half ways done. So one could say were half way to the future and I plan on escaping the present and past. Teachers today like I mean literally in this class are driving me crazy, JK Mr. Donais don’t take it so seriously. Hes telling us all that we have to do then when we ask a question he just says that he doesn’t know. He’s pointing every where but he doesn’t know which direction. To be honest I used all of my thoughts today on my old blog and nothing new is coming to mind so I’m just writing so maybe next time I’ll have a topic, then again maybe not

Liquie Disco